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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 3, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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you see the sparks -- >> the only thing that struck me was the sparks that were being thrown from the wheel of the tire. visually, that was something that was new for how long it went. >> reporter: they arrested a 28-year-old man. they haven't released his name or anything about his record. the chase ended in concord on highway 4 at willow pass road. police say he had driven away half of his rims. he had half of a wheel left where he used to have four tires. he did jump out of the car and run. police and police dog caught him. now officers are working on the list of charges that he will face. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this morning a female san jose parolee is facing assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer after a wild incident. according to the mercury news
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officers tried to pull over the woman around 5:30 last night on story road she took off in the process she hit an officer who had gotten out of his car to try and stop her, he suffered a knee injury later she rammed another patrol car sending an officer to the hospital with a back injury. pg&e is look morning into why a construction crew hit a two inch gasline in the spot where a major gas pipeline burst in san bruno two years ago h this time no fire. pg&e says -- a backhoe used by a private contractor ruptured a plastic gas pipeline at the intersection of earl and glen view drive. that triggered evacuation of 14 homes yesterday. the same intersection in september of 2010 that a thirty inches pipe burst triggering explosion and firestorm that kill eight and nearly burned the neighborhood to the ground.
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it took pg&e crews a half hour to safely cap yesterday's leak. police in campbell have found a statue stolen from a catholic church. investigators located the missing statue not far from st. mary catholic church. police received a tip the statue was close to the church in a parking lot on hamilton avenue. the statue was wrapped up when they found it. no word on who took it. the california nurses' association is supporting governor brown's tax initiative. they just planned one million dollars for the proposition 30 campaign. the union says it considers political contribution a necessary investment in the future. we know that our families too cannot succeed unless your schools have teachers, unless colleges are fordable, health care is obtainable, unless libraries stay open. unless neighborhoods stay safe.
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>> if approved in november, governor brown's tax initiative would increase the state sales tax by a quarter cent and raise income taxes on those who make more than $250,000 a year. month long pilot program allowing bikes on bart during commute hours starts today. bart will use passenger feedback to develop more policies. the goal to double the number of bicyclists riding bart. as we've been reporting many riders say they want it to stay, many say they -- this morning hundreds are waking up inside at&t park after a sleepover. terry mcsweeney is live at giants' stadium. you just got there, no camp out for you, we're sorry. >> reporter: not this year but
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i've done this before, it is fun. let's go in let's see what is going on. you are going to see, 100 tents, a little more, i don't know, 400 people out here, as you can see, sleeping on the outfield grass at at&t park. it is amazing sight it doesn't fit but it is a wonderful event. pictures we have from last evening you will see parents and kids, moms and dads, picking out their spot and the party is underway. kids get to run around the field and take pictures. get to go into the duggout, take pictures, lots of food. -- lots of kids that's what it
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is all about. talked to one kid who as he was talking to us seemed to be giving a sign for a hit-and-run like a third coach -- like a third base coach would do. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: back out here live. again, just a fantastic event. 6:45 the music starts playing to get people out of their tents. 7:00 they start breakfast. 9:00 time to get out of here. one thing they do they play two movies on the big screen. it is really something. people just laying in their chairs on the grass out here. field of dreams, it does become that to run around this ballpark where your heroes play, spectacular event to see your kids, so happy to be out
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here. you remember why you love baseball. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. sounded like he was at the 18th hole in augusta. >> i'm not a camper by nature but i'm onboard with that. that i can do. let's look at forecast what is it going to be like for folks as they wake up this morning at at&t, mike? >> chilly in the 50s, maybe a little dew on the infield grass. also terry there's a doughnut shop across the street might behoove you to stay quiet and bring doughnuts. quiet even though we have more clouds. fairfield sea breeze inland gusting to 30 now. the change is happening right now over our heads the extra cloud cover, faster winds, cooler conditions. we'll still hold on to 90s
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barely around antioch and livermore. a lot of 70s and 80s inland. 60s and 70s around the bay, 50s at the coast this afternoon. if you are heading to the monterey bay, temperatures at 63 at monterey, 67 watsonville. 78 hollister. next three days, today the calling trend begins it deepens tomorrow it will be our coolest day in the forecast with a lot of cloud cover especially high and mid level clouds afternoons get slowly warmer for sunday and warmer. time for traffic. you can bring your bike to bart today even during commute hours as part of a pilot program no delays. muni reporting no delays. there will be construction this weekend affecting the n and j line.
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that continues again. the j will only run out towards market you can transfer at church station. n line will have bus shuttles to ocean beach in place friday tonight 7 p.m. until 5 a.m. monday. ace and caltrain, no delays. looks great southbound 680 through walnut creek towards highway 24. san mateo bridge fine roadwork across the dumbarton bridge clear. good to go there as well. thank you frances. next, why facebook may have fewer friends than it thinks. the deal that end s kids will be going back to -- that ensures kids will be going back-to-school on time that san francisco vanna white comes to town. how wheel of fortune's bonus
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round is being spun into a big win for a local charity.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. three weeks before classes resume san francisco's public school teachers have a tentative contract. it does not include a raise but adds back days to the school year teachers were forced to take as unpaid furlough days.
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if approved the teachers will spend 179 1/2 days in the classroom short of the standard 18 odeh year. -- standard 180 day school year. 24 hour fitness is going on the auction block expected to go for two billion dollars. the founder sold the company in 2005 to a new york equity firm for more than 1.6 billion that firm is putting the fitness chain up for sale. 24 hour fitness has green to 419 outlets in the u.s. and a sharks 3.8 million members and 22,000 employees. -- facebook disclosed in an earnings report that more than 7 1/2% of its users aren't users. some have multiple accounts often for businesses sometimes
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for pets. those accounts get set up and counted as individual members. fake and misclassified accounts can advertising revenue driven by actual number of human members. how would you like to daughter kennedy space center and not get off the couch? yesterday google and nasa released thousands of street view pictures of the space center. nasa the -- [ unintelligible ] earlier this year it took five people a week to take the 360° images. the easiest way to access them is go through the google street maps gallery. new fashion trend popular among teens could have dangerous side effects. celebrities admit they do it regularly. now teenagers as young as 13 are getting into the spanx
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shapewear trend. doctors say it can be harmful to young girls physically and psychologically. >> damage is eating disorders, never being happy with your body image well into adulthood. your squeezing the body too much, placing either direct pressure on a nerve or squeezing internal organs. >> some of the problems include bladder infections, gastrointestinal problems and nerve damage. world's most famous letter-turner shared big news during hervis it is yesterday. vanna white was all smiles as she revead $67,000 had been raised for -- white made announcement at an oakland park where abc 7 staffers held build a community garden. >> to give away money for
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people who need it is special, it warms my hearts it is great to be here. this is what it an all about. >> maxwell house donates $2500 each time the wheel of fortune bonus round is solved. you can help, go to click on see it on tv and you see vanna planting with our president and general manager william burton. >> where were you? >> [ talking over each other ] >> i was 15 feet away. >> you said she was beautiful. >> she is beautiful and really sweet. exactly what see on tv. time to check in with someone else who is exactly what you see on tv. >> that's when i'm wearing my spanx. >> who knew. >> i feel a little bunched now. >> how are the internal organs. good morning. [ laughing ] nice drive in this morning a little head wind as sea
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breeze was kicking in. clouds are a little thicker, we are going to keep an eye on sfo this is the pattern where we see a delay develop. so far we are doing well. live doppler picking up clouds, but no drizzle right now i think we have a better chance tomorrow and sunday morning of seeing drizzle around the bay area. all the cloud cover that's hug you go the coast right now will continue for the better part of the morning hours. 60 antioch and mountain view the rest of us 50s, low to mid 50s monterey bay. 24 hour temperature change. fremont six degrees cooler, 78 concord east bay valleys going to see the biggest drop in temperatures the next couple of days, seven degree drop
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today concord, 86 this afternoon may not need the air conditioner. clouds on the increase now, going to fill up the entire bay by 7:00, 8:00, pull back to the coast by noon. sea breeze kicks in, temperature spread today 50s at the coast, 60s and 70s around the bay, 80s, a few 90s inland most of us in the south bay low to mid 80s today milpitas cooler 78. 78 palo alto, 72 san mateo, 68 millbrae, upper 50s along the coast to mid 60s downtown and south san francisco. north bay valleys, 67 sausalito, 70s san rafael, petaluma, 80s elsewhere, 100 ukiah, 50s at the coast, 40° temperature spread. 69 richmond, low to mid 70s most of the east bay shore 80s and 90s into the east bay
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valleys. four to 10° cooler tomorrow away from the coast tomorrow the coolest afternoon slight chance of stray thunderstorm south and east of the bay area tomorrow more likely up in the sierra slow baby steps, tiny increases in highs from sunday through thursday. good morning. here's a live shot of i-80 berkeley traffic flows well in both directions roadwork gone. we'll check out the north bay commute. no trouble southbound through san rafael for taillights towards 580. in the south bay, good to go, delay-free with headlights moving northbound on 280 this is 17 out of santa cruz mountains across your screen. already slowing westbound 580 through the altamont pass you can find that with the waze traffic map. 36 miles an hour out of tracy into livermore.
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no slow downs elsewhere. traffic spotters reported a car off the shoulder off the san mateo bridge into foster city. if you haven't downloaded it you can go to, a free traffic app to help you around delays, when there are delays. one of oakland's biggest festivals of the year. the dance battle brewing at the art and soul festival this weekend. one man's incorrect lego lson.ay in the bay --
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welcome back. the giants' recent struggles continued yesterday they
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dropped the finale to the mets 9-1. tonight giants if in denver to play the rockies. meanwhile, the a's beat blue jays 4-1 at the coliseum last night and lead the wild card race in the american league. the two teams meet again 7:05 tonight. the 12th oakland art and soul festival is this weekend. a dance battle featuring east oakland will be held tomorrow they made dancing in the rain the youtube video that went viral in 2010. it was a tribute to the brother of aidan killed in a car accident. what -- brother of a dancer killed in a car accident. we showed people a way to document street dance in a raw and authentic form that honored the dancers and let them express them says.
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>> -- express themselves. >> dancing in the rain has more than 82 million views. the dance battle will be tomorrow afternoon and evening. lego fans prepare to be awed. a massive lego display has gone up in san leandro. it recreates countrysides, villages and has running trains. also a medieval town and carnival with working rides. "star wars" fans can check out the falcon and battle scenes. most is a creation of a man who says he does it to relieve stress. he estimates about a million pieces make up the displays. he won't guess how much he has spent on all of if you are interested in checking out the lego show all details are on click on see it on tv. >> how many man hours had to go into that? >> maybe he doesn't want to guess that either. >> years probably. >> the more hours the better. we are following breaking news, driver leads police on a
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high speed chase that stretched from pittsburg to san francisco to concord. we are live with what it took to stop >> fierce dispute in the south bay. the move to build a mosque brings up questions of discrimination. supporters of same-sex marriage gear up to strike back against chick-fil-a. the protest today sure to heat things up more. cooling trend on the way, heat inland antioch livermore, clear lake and cloverdale most likely to get to 90. 80 concord to south bay and santa rosa and 60s and 70s until you get to the coast stuck in the 50s today. around the rest of the country, warmer. a lot of 80s and 90s, still 100 if st. louis, 106 dallas and phoenix. all major airports showing green. chance of scattered thunderstorms in the southeast. with the extra clouds this morning there could be delays
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it is 5:30 thank you for joining us. i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. we have breaking news many a police chase is now over. >> it just started before 2 a.m. in pittsburg and ended with a foot chase in concord. >> there was spike strips, sparks, showers of sparks before they apprehended the gentleman this morning. we'll have more on that. amy hollyfield is at the scene where it ended on highway 4. we'll have more on that coming up. >> right now, katie has the story. meanwhile this morning investigators are trying to determine the cause of a
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suspicious brushfire in los gatos that threatened nearby apartments. it started before 6 p.m. last night. next to highway 85. fire destroyed three cars and two sheds before firefighters were able to control the flames. the apartment building sit along the railroad tracks residents were worried the flames would reap their homes. >> as soon -- as soon as we saw it, we got in the car everybody else was getting out of the building. we just made sure we could get out okay. >> witnesses told investigators they saw several teenagers running from the area when the fire started. no apartments were damaged. victory for south bay muslims who had been trying to build an islamic community center for six years, it includes a mosque, built on vacant lot south of san jose. there were accusations of bigotry and intolerance during
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yesterday's planning commission meeting. the south valley islamic community has been asking for a permit to build a community center. the center would contain a mosque, hall and cemetery. >> we should not beholding different standards than other places of worship. >> i'm concerned about with the traffic. >> they are thinking it has to do with being a bigot or not wanting them there. it is not that the -- these people live in a flood zone, rural area. >> it is about near, i go record nance. >> the -- ignorance. the -- this morning, san francisco police inspectors are searching for a person of interest in a diamond heights mur investigation. detectives released sketch of suspect the last person seen with the 28-year-old found murdered in his apartment on
5:31 am
diamond heights boulevard, two months ago. he been bound and gagged, last seen getting into a cab with the suspect in front of a castro street bar 1:30 a.m. on june 12th. the san joaquin sheriff's department trying to identify remains of a teenaged girl and fetus found in a well near linden. police say there were likely -- police say they were likely two more victims of the speed freak killers. the remains were found in march. the unidentified remains after to be those of a mixed-race girl between 16 and 18 the fetus was 28 to 32 weeks. shermantine is death row, herzog committed suicide in january. san jose's police chief is facing resistance within the ranks. budget cuts and sinking morale could lead the police officer's association to take a possible no confidence vote for the chief.
5:32 am
one board member trying to get a vote on next week's agenda the director says chief moore has a tough job now. >> the chief did not create budget shortfalls. the chief did not create the recession. the chief did not create pension challenges we have over the next 5 to 20 years. what he has been dealt with, not through anything he has done is with a shrinking budget. >> the board could decide to take it to the full membership for a vote or let the issue drop. oakland mayor quan distancing herself from a new york time arm with her saying police were out to get her. the oakland tribune reports her statements in the article about oakland and the occupy movement threaten to worsen already strained relations
5:33 am
between the mayor and members of the department. quan acknowledged making the comments. she says she was talking about what people were saying, not what she believed. and the times reporter she says kept trying to make her say things that put her at odds with the police. moments ago the labor department released latest jobs report employers added 163,000 jobs in july, better than expected. the unemployment rate went up .1% to 8.3%. july's hiring the best since february. we'll see how investigators are reacting in our next hour. let's deal with simpler numbers, the temperature. >> those are simpler numbers getting to those can be complex also, big algorithms, huge. friday, extra clouds, we don't
5:34 am
see radar returns so it is quiet now. clouds thickening in some areas, santa rosa visibility down to two miles same at half moon bay. we have more clouds out this morning, if you are driving through higher elevations you may get a little wet there's mist hanging around like east bay hills and some of the higher elevation as long the coast. clouds around the north bay into the bay itself and also out to the coast through 7:00, temperatures in the 50s for all of us. clouds pull back to the coast by noon. 57 half moon bay, 60s and 70s bay shore. 70s, 80s's by valleys lunch time. 4:00 spread from 58 half moon bay, 60s and 70s around the bay, 80s into the east bay valleys by 7:00 you will need a light coat low to mid 60s upper 60s palo alto and fremont low to mid 70s inland half moon bay and san francisco already in the
5:35 am
50s by 7:00. today dramatic drop in temperatures inland even more tomorrow with warmest weather into the low 80s. slightly warmer everywhere away from the coast sunday and monday. good morning. the drive time now on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the bay bridge toll, 19 minutes, no trouble at all. once you get there, metering lights not on, as you head into san francisco. some bridge crews now changing the lane configuration across the golden gate bridge. currently, this eastside sidewalk on the northbound side is closed due to police activity. i don't think it is going to cause problems. also, san mateo bridge westbound traffic looks good for taillights leaving hayward eastbound light, no problems on 880 through hayward 101 fine on the peninsula. we are not getting any reports
5:36 am
of accidents on bay area freeways just slowing through the altamont pass as you head into livermore. kind of nice fly day morning light traffic at this point. -- 5:38. next, the investigation into expands into the fatal police shooting of a florida man along the central california coast. belmont burglary caught on camera police say showing video to the public helped them nab a suspect. veteran cops say they are shocked at this photo they found. a gun release me, momigus! that's mom to you. and you should eat something that's good for you before you go outside. never! come on james. it's a new fiber one chewy bar. chocolatey and delicious. fiber one chewy bar, huh?
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> breaking news. a police chase crossed the bay and came back is over it included a shower of sparks you see there. this started before 2 a.m. in pittsburg and ended with a foot chase in concord. that's where amy hollyfield is live right now with more on the story. >> reporter: this is an incredible one. one that you have to see and hear. first look at where it came to an end. the car stopped up there on highway 4 in concord at willow pass road many the driver jumped out of car and ran down the hill where officers and the police dog chased him. they got him.
5:40 am
after he led officers on a chase for an hour across four counties. the initial call came in from solano county, a report of a stolen car and local police needed help this is 1:45. they chased him to san francisco, through alameda and contra costa counties. they put out the spike strips which he did dry over, that blew out his tires but he drove on his rims that's why you see sparks flying as east trying to continue away from police. he finally stopped because he half of a wheel left. he drove those rims all the way down to where he had half of a wheel. officers said they were speeding during this chase. but they always felt like the public was safe. >> i was monitoring of the pursuit -- i was monitoring most of the pursuit and we place trust on the individuals that are out there at no time did i find the pursuit was
5:41 am
dangerous and if it is, everybody's job to speak up. >> reporter: the man arrested is 28-years-old they have not given us his name. they are working on the police of charges he will face. they haven't said whether he has a record. whether he was a parolee, what motivated him to try so hard to get away from officers. they are still working on looking into that as well. no one was hurt in this chase. even veteran officers shaking their heads saying they haven't seen anything like this before. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this morning, highway 1 in santa barbara county roped closed for several hours after -- reopened closed for several horse after police shot and killed a man after a long chase he got out of the car with a gun and threatened two
5:42 am
officers who shot the man. the pursuit began after 6:00 p.m. authorities got calls of a man brandishing a gun at other drivers. a 6-year-old stockton boy is in child protective custody after police discovered a photo of him sitting in a child safety seat holding a handgun. police say the picture was being used as wallpaper on his father's iphone police discovered while serving a warrant on the father and his brother on gun and drug charges. one of the guns recovered appears to match the one in the picture. >> because what is going to appear -- going to happen is this kid in this lifestyle growing up with guns, drugs, potential gang violence they are going to go right into ha lifestyle. >> police found several thousand rounds of ammunition more than 10 grams of cocaine and 100 ecstasy pills while searching the house where youngster lived.
5:43 am
just released jobs report, early reaction, next. alleged terror plot continues to unfold. investigators say three suspected al-qaeda operatives planned to launch attacks if the u.s.. >> billion the ira may have unwittingly refinanced to identity thieves. wayward seal found in hawaii now in the bay area fo
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welcome back. cooler than yesterday, 50s at the coast to a few 90s inland. as far as our live doppler 7 hd it as been quiet you can see storms possible across the desert, palm springs 106, possibly near yosemite 100. near 100 throughout the central valley. sierra a chance of thunderstorms saturday and sunday at tahoe with 80s saturday and sunday yosemite upper then lower 90s morning clouds give way to afternoon sun, 80 l.a., low to mid 70s in san diego. 5:48. tips if the public lead to the arrest of a burglary suspect after the crime was caught on camera. belmont police arrested 32-year-old john bentley at his home in hayward after they released video of the burglary.
5:47 am
it shows a man walking out of the home where the burglary occurred, loading a suitcase into his mercedes and driving off. he lives near the crime scene and owns a green mercedes. he was still in the possession of the items stolen from the home, including the suitcase. investigators in stpaeupb arrested three they believe are al-qaeda operatives. they say the men had a stash of explosives with plans to fly possibly if in paragladers to launch new attack. the three had timers and enough explosives with them to blow up a bus. evenly more troubling, at least two men according to a spanish newspaper had been practicing flying light aircraft. officials say the suspects may have intended to use the innocent-looking pleasure craft for a deadly purpose. >> you can see under the pilot there's room where they could put explosives or in the past as we've seen suicide vest where would you carry the explosive on his body and perhaps detonate as he flew
5:48 am
into a crowd, into a stadium, some place where he could make that terror attack that would create fear. >> the paraglider would add to the already creative but lethal bomb delivery systems used such as shoe bomb and wear bomb. investigators say the irs may have handed more than five million dollars to identity thiefs who filed false tax returns for 2011. they were poes tension ali 1.5 million fraudulent returns that went under ed, nearly a million more discovered in time. in one case, -- a single address in lansing, michigan was accused to file more than 2,000 returns. more than three million dollars in refunds were sent there in another case, hundreds of tax refunds were deposited into a single florida bank account, a red flag that investigators look for in searching for identity thieves. 5:50 on this friday morning. weekend almost here. >> as is some cooler, misty
5:49 am
weather. definitely, thunderstorms i talked about possible in the sierra, there's a fire weather watch tomorrow through sunday up around tahoe because of the lightning that could spark fires there. interesting storms could make for beautiful pictures send them to us post them on my facebook page. love to see them if you are up there. mount tamalpais, clouds thick, i haven't had reports of drizzle, very dry on live doppler clouds probably going to create flight arrival delays into sfo, slower sunshine and cooler this afternoon. mountain view 60, santa rosa 52. the rest of us mid to upper 50s. low to mid 50s cloudy around
5:50 am
the monterey bay. with slower sunshine and cooler breezes today, temperatures are going to start that drop wee been talking all week. cloudy nights and patchy nights coolest afternoons this weekend after those possible cloudy nights and drizzleing mornings. today 57 pacifica, oakland up to 70. still going to be hot you have to go out to brentwood to get to about 93°. probablyneed the air conditioner, as you head into the weekend you will be able to turn it off even antioch and brentwood. richmond and berkeley in the 60s today. 70s of east bay shore south bay low to mid 80s except milpitas in the 70s, 68 millbrae, 72 san mateo, along the coast mid to upper 50s
5:51 am
today going to be a brisk day for you. 65 downtown, 66 south san francisco. mid 70s to low 80s to the north bay valleys, 50s at your beaches. monterey 63 with sun, santa cruz mostly sunny at 72, sun gilroy, morgan hill, low to mid 80s. fireworks show at the coliseum tonight a's and blue jays, dropping to 55 when the fireworks begin. tomorrow temperatures will be the coolest in the forecast, drop another two to eight degrees. we'll warm a couple of degrees he have which -- everyday from sunday to monday, tuesday of next week. you say mass i say transit. bart reporting no delays. you can bring your bike on bart today even during the commute hours for a pilot
5:52 am
program many muni reporting no delays. construction -- construct starting tonight near that church and market area. tonight 7:00 they will start the shuttles for the n line towards ocean beach. for the j line saturday and sunday as well they will have it running out to market, from balboa park then you can hop on underground at the church station. that is scheduled until monday morning at 5:00 when everything should be wrapped up. 's and caltrain reporting no delays. westbound 4 antioch, 26 miles an hour lone tree towards loveridge, usual slow down there, 680 walnut creek flowing well southbound towards highway 24. live shot san jose northbound 280 looking good at this point. 5:54. we want to thank some of the people who are helping bay
5:53 am
area foster kids by liking us on facebook. >> many so of our new friends include cynthia s san jose, barbara h san leandro and dawn h of san rafael. you can make a difference as well, just like abc7 news on facebook and one dollar gets donated to the sleep train dream campaign. investor are taking a close look at the just released unemployment report which shows the jobless rate going up a 10th of a percent to 8.3%. >> here's jane king. good morning. july jobs report is out and it is a mixed picture. payrolls in the u.s. did climb more than forecasted last month boosted by pick up at the automakers. stocks did fall yesterday ahead of the labor department's report. you may be in line for a pay raise in spite of a tough jobs market. human resource consulting firm expects base pay to rise 2.9%
5:54 am
next year up from 2.7% this year and 2.3% in 2010. more than thinly five% of organizations plan to increase salaries. investors continue to give facebook a thumbs down. six straight down days. showers have dare -- shares have -- there is word there may be -- [ unintelligible ] a lost northern fur seal that showed up in hawaii is on its way to the bay area. the young female seal was found emaciated and under weight on the north shore earlier this week. they usually live in waters around russia and alaska. this is the first time a while fur seal has been discovered
5:55 am
in hawaii. sausalito's mammal center will take care of the animal. >> i think she looks cute for being under the weather. next, getting a bike on bart will be easier today. the pilot program kicking off this morning and what has to happen to make it permanent. it is not your typical campground. hundreds of giants fans spent the night at a. and. park what is planned for them this morning. building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone.
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good morning. thank you for joining us, i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. a little dew on the grass, more moisture in the air this
5:59 am
morning not translating into drizzle now, a little mist because clouds are lower and they have more moisture, pretty dry for your morning commute. clouds are thick enough that we have 52 minute flight arrival delays into sfo. mostly cloudy today at the coast temperatures in the mid to upper 50s, breezy with high clouds and sun around the bay, spread from 68 to 78, not as hot inland more of us will not need the air conditioner today probably none of us tomorrow that in a minute. today 78 inland until up to 93°. first look at traffic here's frances. no major accidents reported on bay area freeways. bay bridge toll plaza, delay-free. live shot of the golden gate bridge, you see low clouds make was -- mike was talking about. this sidewalk on the eastside of the bridge is closed due to police activy.


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